Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2nd Semester Syllabus

Department:  CTAE                                                                                                  Spring Semester 2017


COURSE TITLE: Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC)              INSTRUCTOR: Robinette Pryor

Leader Education and Training (LET 1)


EMAILRobinette.pryor@cobbk12.org                                                   PHONE: 770-819-2521 Ext. 051


CLASSROOM BLOG: pebblebrooklet1@blogspot.com



PHS SCHOOL VISION: Empowering Students to Become Productive Members of a Global Community

PHS SCHOOL MISSION: Modeling and Developing Intellectual, Physical and Emotional Behaviors that Lead to Success for All


  • Increase the Graduation Rate
  • Increase rigor and student engagement (Project-based learning environment)
  • Increase community and parental involvement



This course is not designed to make or persuade your child to enter the Army or any other branch of the Armed Forces.   It is however, designed to motivate young people to be better citizens.  This program is a cooperative effort on the part of the Army and the host institution to give you an opportunity for total development and improve yourself in many ways.  JROTC teaches self-discipline, confidence, and pride in a job well done.  It also offers cadets challenges and opportunities.




  • Sharpen your communication skills.
  • Promote and encourage citizenship through participation in community service projects.
  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • Strengthen your self-esteem.
  • Improve your physical fitness.
  • Provide incentives to live drug free.
  • Promote your graduation from high school and develop a solid foundation for career development.
    TEXTBOOK/SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES: Our main textbook for the course is “Foundations for Success in Life and Career”.
    Required/Supplemental/Parallel Texts for the Course: Cadet Reference Guide    
    MATERIALS NEEDED: Notebook paper and pencil /pen.

  • Learn the JROTC Cadet Creed and mottos
  • Complete ALL classroom assignments
  • Show respect for instructor and other students
  • Be prepared and on time for class.
  • Learn as much as possible about Leadership and Commitment by volunteering for extra curriculum activities such as Courtesy Patrol at games (clean up), Drill Team, Color Guard, Honor Guard, Raider Team, etc.




Cadets will wear an Army issued uniform once a week. The JROTC is a uniformed program where discipline is judged, in part, by the manner in which a cadet wears a prescribed uniform, as well as by the individual's personal appearance.


Males: Hair will not fall over the eyebrows or touch the edge of the collar. The face will be clean-shaven, except for permitted mustaches. Males are not authorized to wear braids, cornrows, or dreadlocks (unkept. twisted, matted, individual parts in hair while in uniform. Earrings or other piercing is not allowed while wearing the uniform.


Females: Hairstyles will not interfere with proper wearing of the military headgear. Females may wear braids or

cornrows as long as the braided style is conservative and the braids and cornrows lie snugly or the head. Hair

must not fall below the collar, meaning that it must be put up in a bun or held in place with burettes, ties, bobby

pins, etc. or be kept at a shorter length so as not to exceed the bottom of the collar of the female shirt/jacket.





GRADING                                                                    PERCENTAGE


Student Growth Measurement (SGM/SLO) ----------   10%

Comprehensive Exam (Final)   ---------------------        10%

Cadet Challenge --------------------------------------------10%

Common Assessment --------------------------------        10%

Mid – Term     -----------------------------------------         5%

Other Exam (Quizzes) -------------------------------          5%

* Cadet Creed / Rank Structure                         

* Lesson Quizzes                

Uniform Inspections           ------------------------------- 20%

Classroom Work / Writing ---------------------------      10%

Participation ---------------------------------------------    20%

* Drill & Ceremonies 

* Physical Training     



A - 100-90%

B - 89-80%

C - 79-74%

D – 70-73%

F - 69-Below





It is strongly encouraged that you keep your Synergy login information in a safe place and that you have access to the information when needed.  Parents should contact the Main Office (770.819.2521).


Please note that when you are viewing grades in Synergy that a blank grade column for your child has no effect on their grade.  If the space is blank, then your student may not have turned in that assignment due to absence or the teacher may not have entered grades for that assignment at that time.  An “X” means that the student is exempt from an assignment at the discretion of the teacher.


Homework/Class Work Requirements: ALL classwork assignments should be completed by the end of each class period. If a student does not turn in classwork on time, they will be allowed to turn in the following day but will not receive a grade higher than a 70%.


Core Abilities:

  • Some of the learning that takes place in this class will be student-driven and leadership based.  True learning takes place when students solve problems and discover things on their own.  I will not stand in front of the class and simply tell you what you need to know. 
  • Some core abilities will be demonstrated individually, but many will require you to work in a small groups.  Generally groups will initially be two people but if students prove that they are able to work well in larger groups, I will allow it. 
  • The JROTC core abilities describe the broad life-long skills that every cadet needs for success. They are drawn from the overall goals and values that drive the JROTC program. In each lesson, the core abilities will be introduced, taught, reinforced and assessed. These core abilities are:


  1. Take responsibility for your actions and choices
  2. Apply critical thinking techniques
  3. Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written techniques
  4. Build your capacity for life-long learning
  5. Do your share as a good citizen in your school, community, country and world
  6. Treat yourself and others with respect
    Tests and Quizzes: 

  • The majority of the tests and quizzes I give are multiple choice and short answer.  However, all tests can include a combination of any of the following: multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer.
  • Quizzes will be scheduled in advance, but the teacher reserves the right to give pop quizzes. If participation in class is low, students are not able to participate in class discussions with reasonable intelligence of the material, and/or did not complete the homework, a pop quiz may be given. Quizzes will cover the readings that the student is to have completed, class activities, and any notes given in class lecture (normally only a week’s worth of material).




Students with no more than one excused absence may qualify to exempt one of their final exams.  Students with a course average of 80 or higher may exempt one final exam of their choice.  Students with a course average of 79 or below may request that ten percentage points be added to the final exam grade.  Towards the end of the semester, students who qualify may submit an Exam Exemption Form to the classroom teacher of their choice.  Teachers must verify that the student qualifies for the exemption.


LATE WORK POLICY: Any late work will receive a highest possible grade of a 70 if turned in after the assignment is due.  The student will have until the unit test to turn in late work and will receive a highest possible grade of 70.  No work will be graded after the Unit Test.


ATTENDANCE AND MAKE-UP POLICY: If a student receives and excused absence he or she will be able to make up the work in class that was done for the day.  Each class has a rolling folder activity spot on the back wall.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain their work from the wall and complete and return in a timely manner.  The student has up to the amount of excused absences plus one day to complete any missing work.  After that point the work will be considered late and will be graded as such.




To avoid being counted tardy, students must be seated and ready for class when the bell rings.  School policy states that students may receive detention, In-School Suspension, and Out-of-School Suspension for repeated tardies. 





Students can come in after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-4:30.  Please make sure you sign-up if you are planning on coming to tutoring during these times.




As per the school’s policy, cell phones are not to be used during class time unless directed by the teacher for instructional purposes. Students will receive a discipline referral after one warning to put away any electronic device (unless the device is being used for instruction). Students are allowed to bring certain technologies to class (iPad, laptop, Kindle, etc.), but it should NOT interfere with the teaching or other’s learning.


GRADE RECOVERY: Students who score 69 or below on any unit assessment are allowed to retake the assessment.  The grade will not exceed a 70 for the unit assessment.  The retake must be completed with-in one week. Please view the teacher’s blog for notification when the assessment will be administered.



Cheating is considered a serious matter.  Any student who is involved in cheating/plagiarism will receive a grade of zero on the material, an unsatisfactory in conduct, and his/her parents will be notified.


For this course, cheating is defined as, but is not limited to, the following acts:


  • Copying anyone's answers to questions, exercises, study guides, class work or homework assignments
  • Taking any information verbatim from any source, including the Internet, without giving proper credit to the author, or rearranging the order of words and/or changing some words as written by the author and claiming the work as his or her own, i.e., plagiarism.
  • Looking onto another student's paper during a test or quiz.
  • Having available any study notes or other test aids during a test or quiz without the teacher's permission.
  • Collaborating on assignments when independent work is expected.


Weekly Summary: February 6-10

Happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This week starts week 5 of the second semester and we are definitely off to a good start. The cadets are taking pride in wearing the uniform and asking a lot of questions on how to excel in the program. This weeks schedule is as follows:

Monday - Drill & Ceremony

Tuesday - Class Instruction(Signs of Success...How to earn awards & decorations in the program)

Wednesday - Class Instruction (Create JROTC Portfolio)

Thursday - Uniform Inspection

Friday - Physical Fitness 

**Drill Team has a drill meet at Carver High School this Saturday at 9 a.m., please come out and support our cadets***

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week of November 28, 2016

Welcome Back, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Parents we have 3 1/2  more weeks until the end of the semester. This week I will be giving ALL students another copy of their grades in order to give them the opportunity to do make-up assignments if necessary (with maximum grade of 70%). This week will be the last week they will wear uniforms, so please encourage your students to do any make-ups this week. I will allow them to wear the uniform all week in order to remove a zero. With that being said, we will start uniform turn-in next week. Students will turn in ALL ITEMS EXCEPT for SHOES and SOCKS. Students have the option of either getting both shirt and pants dry cleaned at their expense or pay $4 and we will get it done for them.

Monday - Drill & Ceremony/Introduction to weapon drill

Tuesday - Class Instruction (Learning Styles)

Wednesday - Class Instruction (Portfolio Inspections)

Thursday - Uniform Inspection

Friday - Physical Training 

**I will be out next week attending a required class in Kentucky. Students will be participating in the cadet challenge ALL week so ensure they wear physical fitness attire each day"

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 16-November 14-18

Happy Monday I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

This starts week 16 of school and one more week before the Thanksgiving break, Yeah!!

To all the parents that served in the military, Thank You for Your Service!  As some of you may know the cadets participated in the Veterans Day Parade on last Friday in Marietta square and they did an excellent job, I was really proud of them. This week we are preparing for our Battalion Formation, first one since 2007. This is a chance for all the cadets to come together as one and show their company spirit. We will also recognize the Pebblebrook staff that are also veterans.

Monday - Drill & Ceremony/Battalion Formation Practice

Tuesday - Class Instruction (Conflict Resolution)

Wednesday - Class Instruction (Brain Structure)

Thursday - Uniform Inspection/Battalion Formation Practice

Friday - Physical Training 

**Parents we are doing a brief overview/discussion on Suicide Prevent. Students will be given a handout on the truths and myths of Suicide"

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 13 October 31 - November 4

Happy Monday/Holloween!! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

This starts week 13/14 of school and progress reports will go home on Friday.  I will give each student a print out of grades today so they can see where they are and what if any assignments need to be made up. This includes students that need to make-up uniform grades, Make-Up day is Tuesday.

Parents, I can not stress enough that participation and uniform wear is a major part of this program, the classwork is the icing on the cake. Please encourage your students to participate and wear the uniform weekly. If there is a situation where the uniform was not prepared for inspection on Thursday, the student has the opportunity to make that up on the following Tuesday or the zero will remain in the gradebook.

Monday - Drill & Ceremony

Tuesday - Class Instruction (Personal Growth)

Wednesday - Class Instruction (Learning Styles)

Thursday - Uniform Inspection

Friday - Quiz 

**Congratulations to the Female Raider Team who participated in the State Raider Competition this past weekend, the ladies had a Great Season!"

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 11 October 17-21

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone enjoyed the spirit week and homecoming festivities last week. I'm sure our cadets enjoyed dressing up in spirit wear on Thursday instead of wearing the uniform. 

This week we will be off our normal schedule of events due to testing and College fair. We are taking advantage of that by conducting evaluations for upcoming promotions. Students will be graded on Rank, drill and ceremony, and the cadet creed. All things they SHOULD know at this point of the semester. Our promotion ceremony will be held either the last week of this month or first week in November during uniform inspection. Although we will not see the JROTC students on this Wednesday, we will have uniform inspection on Thursday and Physical Training on Friday.

Parents, I can not stress enough that participation and uniform wear is a major part of this program, the classwork is the icing on the cake. Please encourage your students to participate and wear the uniform weekly. If there is a situation where the uniform was not prepared for inspection on Thursday, the student has the opportunity to make that up on the following Tuesday or the zero will remain in the gradebook.

Monday - Promotion Evaluations

Tuesday - Promotion Evaluations continued

Wednesday - PSAT, ASVAB testing

Thursday - Uniform Inspection

Friday - Physical Fitness 

**Drill Team tryouts/practice will begin today at 3:40 p.m. All 1st and 2nd semester cadets are welcome to participate. Cadets are released by 5:00 pm**

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 9, October 3-7

Welcome Back!! I hope everyone had a good and relaxing fall break and ready to come back recharged. Today we will start week 9, with 9 more weeks to go before the semester is over and we still have a lot more to learn. Today we will continue with our normal weekly schedule as you can see below. This week we will start discussing a class Service Learning project which involves cadets actively participating and organizing a community service project. 


Parents, I can not stress enough that participation and uniform wear is a major part of this program, the classwork is the icing on the cake. Please encourage your students to participate and wear the uniform weekly. If there is a situation where the uniform was not prepared for inspection on Thursday, the student has the opportunity to make that up on the following Tuesday or the zero will remain in the gradebook.

Monday - Drill and Ceremony

Tuesday - Classroom Instruction (Leadership from the Inside Out)

Wednesday - Classroom Instruction (Military Alphabet/Time and Service Learning)

Thursday - Uniform Inspection

Friday - Physical Fitness 

**JROTC Raiders will compete at Osborne HS this Saturday @ 0800, please come out and support**