Monday, November 28, 2016

Week of November 28, 2016

Welcome Back, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Parents we have 3 1/2  more weeks until the end of the semester. This week I will be giving ALL students another copy of their grades in order to give them the opportunity to do make-up assignments if necessary (with maximum grade of 70%). This week will be the last week they will wear uniforms, so please encourage your students to do any make-ups this week. I will allow them to wear the uniform all week in order to remove a zero. With that being said, we will start uniform turn-in next week. Students will turn in ALL ITEMS EXCEPT for SHOES and SOCKS. Students have the option of either getting both shirt and pants dry cleaned at their expense or pay $4 and we will get it done for them.

Monday - Drill & Ceremony/Introduction to weapon drill

Tuesday - Class Instruction (Learning Styles)

Wednesday - Class Instruction (Portfolio Inspections)

Thursday - Uniform Inspection

Friday - Physical Training 

**I will be out next week attending a required class in Kentucky. Students will be participating in the cadet challenge ALL week so ensure they wear physical fitness attire each day"

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