Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 13 October 31 - November 4

Happy Monday/Holloween!! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

This starts week 13/14 of school and progress reports will go home on Friday.  I will give each student a print out of grades today so they can see where they are and what if any assignments need to be made up. This includes students that need to make-up uniform grades, Make-Up day is Tuesday.

Parents, I can not stress enough that participation and uniform wear is a major part of this program, the classwork is the icing on the cake. Please encourage your students to participate and wear the uniform weekly. If there is a situation where the uniform was not prepared for inspection on Thursday, the student has the opportunity to make that up on the following Tuesday or the zero will remain in the gradebook.

Monday - Drill & Ceremony

Tuesday - Class Instruction (Personal Growth)

Wednesday - Class Instruction (Learning Styles)

Thursday - Uniform Inspection

Friday - Quiz 

**Congratulations to the Female Raider Team who participated in the State Raider Competition this past weekend, the ladies had a Great Season!"

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